Vegetable Oils and Fats

A complete integrated solution encompassing the Designing, Engineering, Manufacturing and Installation of a small to large oilseed complex is what United excels at. 

Storage & Weighing

Proper storage is critical to maintain the seeds’ characteristics and ensure efficient processing and good quality of the extracted oil. Storing the seed in the right environment preserves the quality of the seed and improves its lifespan. Simultaneously, the extracted oil should also be stored properly to preserve the quality of oil (to prevent it from turning rancid, etc.). United can provide detailed engineering design, material supply, installation, testing, and commissioning of all types of storage tanks (API 650, up to 10,000 KL), whether in carbon steel or stainless steel.  

Precise weighing is an integral part of the oilseed extraction process. The weighing of seeds prior to processing, measurement of oil and meal produced, guides the plant operator to optimize the process. We offer complete online weighing solutions for seeds and meal, including weighing and bagging systems that can register accurate weights across a broad range of products for different bag weights and materials. 


One of the significant goals of seed storage is to maintain the correct level of moisture. Improper storage can cause the moisture levels in the seed to increase, creating an environment for the growth of molds, fungi, and bacteria. As a result, the seeds become unfit for processing. There are many ways to ensure that the seed is preserved at the right moisture levels.

One way is to store the seeds in specially manufactured silos designed to maintain optimum moisture levels in the seeds, either naturally or through artificial means, such as aeration or heated air drying. We are happy to provide galvanized steel (flat bottom, hopper bottom, material/grain handling) silos that maintain seed quality and protect it from vermin while ensuring minimum spillage

Online weighing solutions

We can provide online weighing solutions that give accurate results. Online bulk weighing systems are recommended in process plants because they increase process efficiency and reduce bulk waste to the minimum. Simultaneously, the equipment must handle harsh environments (due to the nature of seeds).

The online weighing solutions that we offer are not only high quality and dependable; they also come with many useful features. For example, they can ensure weighed input of seed into the plant from storage areas, uniform flow of material, proper process control, micro-feeding as and when required, and connection to the plant control system.