United Engineering provides solutions under Engineering, Construction (Design, Development, Installation, and Commissioning), and procurement of Spare Parts.

Engineering Services

Whether you want to process sunflower, groundnut, canola, or any other oilseed, we have the expertise to guide you and fulfill your processing needs. We have helped many customers obtain state-of-the-art equipment and installed them on time and within budget. All these projects reached total capacity within months of installation. Likewise, our engineers can also help you with your next oilseed plant expansion or refurbishment, monitoring the project from start to finish.  

United can handle the entire life cycle of your project, right from design, development, and installation, using various design and performance tools, such as CAD, to set up efficient solutions to your satisfaction. One of the best things about working with us is that we can adapt to your business needs and information flow and offer value at every stage of your project. 

We have a deep understanding of the entire process, right from oilseed handling, cleaning, conditioning, crushing, extraction, filtration, to refining. We also have considerable expertise in biomass recovery and renewable energy projects. At the same time, we are aware that your needs might be unique and can offer customized solutions that meet your design and engineering requirements.

We are offering the solutions below:  

Mechanical design & engineering
  • Flow diagrams
  • Process plant/equipment layouts
  • Process system design
  • Equipment specifications and detailing.
  • Detailed mechanical and piping design
  • Bulk Storage Tanks and Vessel Designs
  • Piping Layouts
  • Structural Design
Complete process design & engineering
  • Mass balance
  • Energy balance
  • Process calculations
  • Utility calculations
Electrical, automation design & engineering
  • Process and instrumentation
  • Energy balance
  • Process system design
  • Power system studies
  • Panel design
  • Instrument specifications
  • HMI design
  • Complete control system architecture
  • PLC


United’s expertise in oilseed processing and extraction technology has seen it being chosen as a turnkey equipment provider by many global customers. We have successfully developed, executed, and commissioned projects that meet our customers’ business plans from the start, within safety parameters and budget. 

Industrial projects such as oilseed plants require a high degree of expertise and innovation because no two plants are the same. United has been providing high-quality equipment for decades, which has given us a deep insight into the entire process. We offer general contracting services for agro-based projects such as edible oil extraction, refining, oleo-chemical plants, renewable energy plants, and food processing plants. 

Engineering ​

After we have acquainted ourselves the requirements, we collaborate with customers to select optimum designs and equipment, considering desired parameters and budget. Detailed planning, scheduling, and monitoring of all phases is the hallmark of our work.   

We constantly work towards developing and offering a complete process/plant offering that fulfills all customer requirements. United takes pride in the fact that it is aligned with customer goals and dedicated to providing an agile and flexible solution that uses the latest technologies and processes, with extensive utility integration.