Our Technologies

A complete integrated solution encompassing the Designing, Engineering, Manufacturing and Installation of a small to large oilseed complex is what United excels at.

Vegetable Oils and Fats

Through its expertise, United is deeply involved in every step of the oil extraction process. We are committed to providing complete solutions, right from designing and developing of screw presses to offering equipment and complete integrated processing plants including storing, weighing, and processing of seeds, to refining of oils. We have complete solutions for oilseeds such as sunflower, copra, cottonseed, rapeseed, canola, mustard, soybean, linseed, peanut, and many other oil-bearing seeds.
We have developed reliable and efficient technologies for specific seeds in different operating conditions.

Our Services

United makes no compromises when it comes to its customers’ interests. Storage and weighing are a crucial part of the oilseed extraction process, and we do our best to provide solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations. >>

Oilseed preparation ensures that the oilseeds, when pressed, release an optimum quantity and quality of oil and meal. >>

Conditioning of oilseeds before screw pressing is a critical factor to enhance the performance of the screw press. >>

After the oilseeds are conditioned, they are fed to a screw press, which crushes the oilseeds, separating the oil from the meal. >>

Cold pressing is when the oilseeds are pressed without any heating which ensures that the physiological and chemical properties of the extracted oil and meal, including natural taste, are preserved. >>

Once the oilseeds are crushed, and the oil is extracted, it filtered to remove the unwanted seed particles of the meal that are carried into the oil. >>

Refining of Crude Oil is a process followed to remove impurities and volatile components that make oils unappealing to consumers, while trying to cause the least possible damage to the neutral oil. United offers equipment/ plants for both physical and chemical refining of oil either as a batch or continuous processes. >>

We have partnered with reputed equipment manufacturers to offer completely automated oilseed processing systems for better control, with minimum human interaction. >>