Our Technologies

A complete integrated solution encompassing the Designing, Engineering, Manufacturing and Installation of a small to large oilseed complex is what United excels at.


United has expertise in designing and manufacturing dewatering presses and Hammer Mills of various capacities for different types of biomass processing.
As companies move towards bringing the entire process chain under their control, they are beginning to see value in installing equipment for biomass processing, such as dewatering and grinding/Hammer Milling.

United has designed, manufactured, and installed customized dewatering presses for many customers looking for a quality product with a relatively quick return on investment. Our dewatering presses accept free-drained liquid sludge or feed in the 60-70 % % water range and dewater them to a moisture level of 20-30 %.

Dewatering Press

A dewatering press is a type of screw press that separates liquid from solids. Dewatering is a precondition for many downstream processes, and the efficiency of the dewatering process may affect the quality of the finished product.

Mechanical dewatering of the type that happens in a dewatering press is also a faster and more economical way of removing water from solids than thermal dewatering. United provides dewatering presses for pulp and paper industries, sewage disposal (biosolids), food processing, chemical industries, and oilseed processing.

Key features of a United dewatering press

  • Sturdily built, with mainframe machined to a high level of tolerance
  • Gearboxes sources from leading gearbox manufacturers
  • Tapered screw shaft body, with decreased flight pitch for gradual volume reduction
  • Frequency drive to control the main drive speed
  • Hard faced discharge lights for a long life
  • Scree selection according to process requirement
  • Length of chamber and compression ratio decided as per process
  • Hydraulically controlled cone, with manual control or automatic control of air pressure
  • Complete PLC and Scada operated


Grinding machines, like hammer mills, can reduce the size of any feedstock to the minimum required sizes, thereby improving the oil extraction efficiency.  

Oilseeds such as copra, groundnuts and soybean can be pressed using this technique. Another advantage of grinding is that it improves the value of the spent feed/cake/meal and makes it easy to bag and transport.   

And that is why an increasing number of oilseed processing companies are commissioning grinding plants on their premises and catering to the entire value chain along the oilseed extraction process.  

Extraction meals are also an important source of protein. We offer high-performance machines that can grind and pelletize the extraction meal to the required fineness with the help of appropriate filters, enabling you to achieve more value out of your by-products.  

Key features of a United hammer mill 

  • Rotary Feeder which can be operated in total width of Feed of Hammer Mill 
  • Doors are Heavy Duty Design with door lock hinges that are specially designed to ensure safety 
  • Side Liners are suitably placed so that there grinding application is uniform as well as that the liners can be easily removed for ease of maintenance 
  • The Screens are made from Special Steel and are specially designed for the desired feedstock 
  • Screens can be easily replaced in a shorter period of time, without having to open the Hammer Mill as well as without dismantling the drive or feed 
  • Screen are with a Heavy Duty Frame. Screen will be bolted on the frame, to avoid movement 
  • The Hammers are hardened 
  • The Machined Shaft is manufactured from High Alloy Steel 
  • The Hammer Mill can be operated in both clockwise and anticlockwise direction 
  • The complete assembly is balanced 
  • The Distance between the Hammers and screen is maintained for high efficiency of milling 
  • The Noise and Vibration levels are minimized with this design of a Hammer Mill 
  • Centrifugal Blower in SS 304 (Casing and Impeller) can also be supplied as a part of the System 
  • Anti-vibration Pads are provided