Our Prestigious Projects

A gist of projects where United has engineered, manufactured, and set up world-class plants and equipment, meeting (or even surpassing) customer expectations

Sunflower Seed Preparation and Pressing

We received an order from a leading Japanese company for a complete plant for seed cleaning, dehulling, hull separation, full pressing, filtration, meal cooling, and bagging of meals for high oleic Sunflower seed. The complete plant was designed, manufactured, and installed by United in a record time. The plant has achieved full efficiency in the extraction of oil, filtration of oils as well as consumption of utilities (power, steam, compressed air).

Canola Cold Pressing:

We designed, engineered, and manufactured a 100 TPD Cold Pressing Plant for Canola oil for an Australian customer. Oilseeds’ input temperature can vary from 10 °C in the winter to 25 °C in the summer. The process was designed to maintain the same quality of oil and meal, even with a variation in the feedstock. The plant was completely automated with PLC and SCADA controls. 

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Castor Seed Pre-Pressing:

We designed, engineered, and manufactured a 500 TPD Conditioner and UNITED EX PREMIUM Pre-press for Castor Seed for one of the largest Castor oil producers in the world based in India. High efficiency of mechanical pressing was achieved for consumption of power and steam. The equipment supplied is PLC and SCADA based.

The press’s internals are proven to possess an excellent life, which has helped the company maintain continuous operations for many months and achieve a low operating cost compared to smaller presses previously installed.


We installed two complete continuous refineries (repeated contracts) for one of the largest FMCG companies from the Middle East in Africa. The complete electromechanical contract was awarded to United. United deputed a complete team of engineers and workers to ensure that the quality of workmanship was as requested.

The plant was installed as per standards set by the European supplier of equipment, who was also very satisfied with the quality of work. The plant was set up within budget and handed over within time.

Our machines are reliable & efficient provided they are serviced and maintained. United is constantly innovating to ensure our clients have top-of-the-line equipment with high-quality spare parts.