Vegetable Oils and Fats

We have partnered with reputed equipment manufacturers to offer completely automated oilseed processing systems for better control, with minimum human interaction.

Complete Process Automation

United is working closely with many reputed oilseed processing, oil extraction, and meal processing equipment manufacturers to offer completely automated systems. 

Consequently, we offer an extensive portfolio of equipment covering the complete journey of the oilseed, right from storage and weighing to refining, with the entire process automated, reducing human interaction to the absolute minimum. Our technology is proven, reliable, and designed to improve yield and reduce ownership cost. 

All our equipment and complete projects come with a high level of automation, assisted by graphical user interfaces, sensors, and networked data communication. You are provided data on every step of the process, from each piece of equipment, so you can keep yourself updated with the performance.  

The system will send regular reports on the workflow status to multiple users through various messaging services. The report contains information on machine performance, critical performance parameters, and utility consumption and norms, in the form of tables, charts and trends. 

Inputs and outputs are monitored 24/7, enabling you to take decisions based on the program designed for the project, bringing greater efficiency. Our solutions also ensures that machine operators can monitor progress in real-time and make corrections whenever required. All operational interfaces are password protected for safety.

Complete oil milling plants, covering:
  1. Seed preparation
  2. Seed conditioning
  3. Seed pressing
  4. Oil filtration
  5. Meal weighing and bagging
  6. Oil storage
  7. Utility sections
  8. Recipes for different seeds to be processed

Complete tank farm automation

Real-time information made available for
  1. Level in tanks
  2. Temperature
  3. Calculations based on mass or volume depending on the client’s requirement
  4. Real-Time monitoring of a single tank and / or to a logical group of tanks on
    • Product-wise basis
    • Group-wise
    • Customized basis
  5. Real-time rates of pumping of oils/ liquids and transfers can be generated