United Engineering provides solutions for Engineering, Construction (Design, Development, Installation, and Commissioning), and Spare Parts procurement.

Spare Parts

Our customers engage us with the confidence that we can provide spare parts as and when needed. Our equipment is designed to operate under the most rigorous conditions, and they are highly reliable. If the machines are inspected for wear and tear regularly, with proper maintenance, there is no reason why our equipment won’t operate for a long time.  

We are also constantly working to improve our equipment to ensure our clients have access to the latest, state-of-the-art equipment along the entire process chain. We can guarantee spare parts for all critical components because we keep them in stock to ensure ready availability.  

We can readily provide as-built replacement parts for all our equipment, as and when required. We understand that you need to keep your equipment operating 24/7, with little or no downtime. That is why we maintain a supply of common replacements in stock that can be shipped immediately in case of a request.  

At the same time, we can also redesign and upgrade your existing equipment. We keep records of all the equipment we’ve set up, with specifications, which simplifies redesign and fabrication. 

Some of the equipment we provide are pressing screws, screw shafts, scrapers and clamping bars, throttle rings, strainer cages, and cage bars. The key features of our replacements are long service life and reliability, prevention of unscheduled downtime, and low wear cost per ton of processed feedstock.