Solvent Extraction

Continuous plants available on turnkey basis from a capacity of 100 TPD to 1000 TPD.

United Engineering Corporation is one of the leading manufacturers of Vegetable Oil Extraction Equipment, Vegetable Oil Filteration Equipment and Solvent Extraction Plant Equipment.


The CARROUSEL-EXTRACTOR has a stopper feeding Screw Conveyor with built-on feeding chute. A permanent material stopper as gas lock is formed in the feeding Screw Conveyor. The feeding chute is equipped with a minimum and a maximum level contactor to form a further gas lock within the chute. At low level the feeding screw will stop & at high level the feedstock from preparatory will stop. From the chute, the material is continuously fed by the feeding Screw Conveyor into the rotor of the CARROUSEL-Extractor.

Within the CARROUSEL-Extractor the counter current extraction of the raw material takes place. The extractor is equipped with two decks and the meal after one rotation of the rotor drops into the second deck through a segment opening of the screen bottom and similarly into the discharge hopper & the discharge screw conveyor of the extractor which transports the material out of the extractor. The discharge conveyor is designed in such a way that a material plug is formed within the tube of the screw conveyor to make a gas seal at this point. From the discharge screw conveyor of the extractor the solvent wet material is transported by the gas-tight trough chain conveyor to the feeding point of the desolventizer /toaster/drier/cooler.

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