Seed Preparation

Seed Preparation is critical for all oil bearing seeds. The efficiencies of extraction of oils depend on the cleaning, rupturing/breaking and moisture control in the seeds.



The removal of foreign material like sand, stones, "dead seed" is the 1st stage.

UNITED offers the Following Equipment for Seed Cleaning:
  • Seed Cleaners.
  • Destoners.
  • Hullers.

Rupturing/ Breaking:


The rupturing of the oil cells is critical to increase the efficiency and ease of extraction as well as control the moisture in the seeds.

UNITED offers the Following Equipment for Rupturing/Breaking:
  • Disntegrators.
  • Hammer Mills.
  • Ripple Mills.


High or Low Moisture can lead to large differences in the percentage of oil extraction in pressing. Conditioning of seeds is critical.

UNITED offers Multistage Cookers using various heating medium like steam and thermic oils.

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