United Engineering (Eastern) Corporation has created a niche for itself in the International Project Engineering Industry

It is a reliable supplier of state-of-the-art plants at a realistic cost for various processing industries. The company's program of technology selection, training as well as widespread after-sales service locations, makes it a preferred supplier to leading companies in the world.

Over the last five years, United has registered an impressive growth. Much of this is due to initiatives in expanding its international presence and developments in newer technologies.

Mr. Raj Gandhi, the Chairman of the company avers that the success is also due to the comfort level technical people have in dealing with them.

"When we partner with anybody, it is a 100 percent involvement. We talk straight. We share anxieties. We celebrate achievements. Together."


Mr. Rabindra Gandhi (Managing Director) says the involvement begins before they actually start working. The company's representatives study variables like climate, material to be processed, availability of resources, manpower etc. before making a recommendation.

"It is a complete feasibility study, done mostly at our cost!" Often, these studies have led to interesting innovations in equipment, totally customized for the specific project.


Today, United has a young and dynamic team of Design and Process Engineers. In addition to a team of maintenance engineers, the company has service centre in several countries to maintain equipment and troubleshoot. With technical help available at hand at short notice, there is a substantial reduction in downtime and running costs.

United has 3 divisions

Edible Oil

Renewable Energy

Process Automation

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