Filtration of oils is critical to the Process. Depending on the oil, capacity and process we design and recommend complete Filtration Systems.

Our product range includes:

  • Vibro Screen Separators
  • Plate and Frame /Recessed Type Filters
  • Pressure Leaf Filters

Vibro Screen Seperators: Solid and Liquid Separation.

  • Circular Vibro Separators
  • All contact Parts in Stainless Steel
  • 2/3/4 Deck Screens of varying hole size
  • Complete with Gyro Motors.
  • No Transmitted Vibrations.
  • Efficient and Reliable
  • Ease of Maintenance and Operation
  • Inspection Window

Plate And Frame/Recessed Type Filter Presses:

The conventional Filter Presses used in small/medium scale oil mills

In this type of Filter Press, the machine faces or rims are almost level with the filtering surface. A separate frame is used between them to form the chamber. The thickness of this frame determines the depth of the chamber and total cubic contents of the press. The cloths are not fastened to the plates, but are only hung over them and nipped between the faces of the plate and frame to form a tight joint. The filter cloth is thus easily removed for cleaning.

This type is recommended for filtering oils with the use of filter aids such as fuller earth, activated carbon etc.

Code Word Size of Plate No. of Chambers Filtering Area sq.ft Linseed Copra, Palm, Cottonseed, Groundnut Crude seed Crude Rape Castor
URTA 6".6" 13 2 For laboratories and pilot plants
URTB 14".14" 13 26 55 45 30 10
URTC 18".18" 13 54 110 90 60 20
URTD 18".18" 19 68 135 110 75 27
URTE 24".24" 19 128 260 210 140 50
URTF 24".24" 25 170 335 270 180 54
URTG 24".24" 37 250 500 410 270 90
URTH 36".36" 3 560 1080 885 585 140

Pressure Leaf Filters:

Pressure Leaf Filters are used for filtration of oils with varying solid concentration.


Slurry is pumped under pressure into the vessel. Leaves are stacked whether horizontally or vertically. The leaves have constructed from a fine mesh with ribs on both sides to allow free flow of filtration towards the neck. Space between leaves can be varied depending on process and thickness of cake desired.

In vertical pressure leaf Filter the vessels are filled with a bottom cake discharge. The entire state of Leaves is vibrated for an instant release of cake. The cover of the vessel is pivoted so that it can be swing away to facilitate the removal of Leaves. Precoating of leaves is done to assist in the filtration.

Construction Features:

All vessels are made as per Standard Practice and Codes. Vessels can be offered in Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel. Leaves are fine mesh to international Standard. Ease of operation and maintenance is ensured.

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