Jatropha Extraction

Jatropha Extraction, Jatropha Oil Extraction, Vegetable Oil Extraction

The modern Rotary Extractor has only two moving parts i.e. 2 bearings holding the rotor shaft these are external to the shell for easy access and lubrication during maintenance without stoppage. The wedge wire screen separates the solids from the miscella chamber. The screen is of stainless steel and carries a life time guarantee.

The Vegetable Oil Extraction and Oil Processing stages are separated by radial partitions to separate the Vegetable oil extraction stages and to avoid the back flow and mixing of miscella as the old belt designs. It is for this reason the rotary extractor has the least volume for any given capacity and the smallest drive motor. Jatropha oil is vegetable oil produced from the seeds of the Jatropha curcas, a plant that can grow in marginal lands. The Methods and Device for the extraction of jatropha oil are as follows: Oil Presses, Oil Expellers, Traditional Methods and Modern Concepts.

The feeding material to be extracted is feed to the feed hopper by means of feed conveyor followed by feed screw to prevent any accidental escape of hexane into the preparation plant through the feed conveyor. The discharge Screw at the bottom of the Extractor ensures regulated feed to the Solvent Tight Conveyor.

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