Distillation Section

The miscella has to be distilled to recover oil and recycle the solvent. To save steam 50% of the distillation is achieved using hot Desolventizer vapours in a unique RISING FILM EVAPORATOR. This reduces the steam consumption & the load on the final condenser. This is followed by a steam heated rising film and stripping column operating under vacuum and the maximum temperature not exceeding 95 degree to yield high quality product.

Our design consists of the total condensing area to recover hexane is almost 60% more than that available from other designs. This is why our solvent loss guarantees are the lowest. The final vent condenser is cooled by chilled water in closed circuit within a 25 ton refrigeration plant. Before exhaust air is sent for absorption in mineral oil. The special water separator is designed using the principle of the "FLORENCE FLASK" for efficient removal of waste water. Waste water boiler ensures recovery of any hexane traces before it is discharged into drains.

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